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`Selenium <>`_ is a browser automation project.
We're using `Selenium`_ to automate browser testing in our Python & Django projects.
To test multiple browsers the same time, we're using `Selenium Grid <>`_.
Selenium Docker Images
There are `official Selenium Docker images <>`_, which work fine. However, we're building our `own Selenium Docker Images <>`_ for 2 reasons:
1. The `official Selenium Docker images`_ fail from time to time (due to changes in the API's)
2. The `official Selenium Docker images`_ don't have support for `WebGL <>`_ and crash
Selenium Compose Files
To run your own Selenium Grid Docker containers, have a look at the `example Compose files <>`_ or use the `selenium-ctl <>`_ script:
.. code-block:: bash
# Get the script.
curl -sSfLo selenium-ctl
chmod 755 selenium-ctl
# Enable video support.
# Start the Selenium containers.
./selenium-ctl up -d
# Stop the Selenium containers.
./selenium-ctl down
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