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DOC: Add video recording to Selenium

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......@@ -7,6 +7,28 @@ We're running our own `Selenium <>`_ Grid service for
The PyPi server is deployed via GitLab CI from the `Selenium project <>`_ and is only available from within private networks.
Video Recording
Our central `Selenium`_ Grid service also supports video recording.
Just go to the `Selenium Pipelines <>`_ and do this:
1. Click ``Run Pipeline``
2. Select the ``master`` branch
3. Add a new variable ``RECORD`` with either the value ``start`` or ``stop``
4. Run the pipeline
You can also use this as `GitLab multi-project pipeline <>`_ trigger:
.. code-block:: yaml
Start Recording:
RECORD: start
project: confirm/selenium
strategy: depend
Selenium Docker Images
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