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DOC: Add hint for Python package development

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......@@ -63,6 +63,19 @@ Install Targets
| ``install`` | Install the project or package |
.. hint::
You can also install dependent Python packages locally without depending on the :ref:`PyPi Server`.
Simply clone the Git repository of the dependent Python package and use one of the following commands **while the project's Python venv is active**:
.. code-block:: bash
# Install Python package for the use in a project.
make -C {local Git repository} install
# Develop on a Python package while in use in a project (i.e. library development).
make -C {local Git repository} develop
.. hint::
In case you're not in our private networks, installing PyPi packages might fail because our :ref:`PyPi Server` is not available publicly. In this case, you can often overwrite the ``PYPI_INDEX`` like this:
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