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FEATURE: Add health checks to Docker chapter

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......@@ -6,7 +6,18 @@ We've dedicated `Docker <>`_ development & production servers:
- ``dev1.[pvt|pub]`` or simply ```` for all **development** environment
- ```` or simply ```` for all **live** environments
We're also running our own :ref:`Docker Registry` which can be used to push Docker images.
We're also running our own :ref:`Docker Registries` which can be used to push Docker images.
Health Checks
Please ensure you add proper health checks to your Docker images by providing a `HEALTHCHECK <>`_ Dockerfile directive.
.. hint::
Docker will automatically restart crashed containers. However, unhealthy containers won't be restarted automatically.
Thus we've a rather simple `Healer <>`_ container which restarted unhealthy containers.
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