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FIX: Remove space check from Pylint config

The no-space-check config option was removed entirely, and the
bad-whitespace value for the disable option was removed as well.

For more informations:
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......@@ -97,8 +97,7 @@ confidence=
# --enable=similarities". If you want to run only the classes checker, but have
# no Warning level messages displayed, use "--disable=all --enable=classes
# --disable=W".
# Enable the message, report, category or checker with the given id(s). You can
......@@ -287,13 +286,6 @@ max-line-length=100
# Maximum number of lines in a module.
# List of optional constructs for which whitespace checking is disabled. `dict-
# separator` is used to allow tabulation in dicts, etc.: {1 : 1,\n222: 2}.
# `trailing-comma` allows a space between comma and closing bracket: (a, ).
# `empty-line` allows space-only lines.
# Allow the body of a class to be on the same line as the declaration if body
# contains single statement.
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